Double-whammy New Moon in Pisces!

12Pisces glassNew Moon in Pisces  Thurs 7 March 2019, exact at 2.04am Queensland time (AEST) at 15 degrees Pisces (the previous day in Europe and the Americas)

Full Moon in Libra (Supermoon)  Thurs 21 March 2019, exact at 11.43am Queensland time (AEST) at 0 degrees Libra

Skywatching  Venus can be seen as a Morning Star in the east before sunrise, and even Mercury can be seen lower in the sky if you have a clear view of the eastern horizon. Saturn and Jupiter are almost overhead in the pre-dawn sky.  In the evening after sunset, the red planet Mars can be seen in the western sky.


Double-whammy New Moon in Pisces

Full Moon on the Equinox

… and Mercury’s retro …


Just a reminder that Mercury’s retro by the time of this New Moon!!!  Make sure your computers are backed up!  Two significant astrological events unfold THE DAY BEFORE this next New Moon: Mercury goes retrograde and Uranus moves into Taurus for the next 7 years, both on 6 March.  There’s plenty of info in last month’s newsletter and on my Facebook page on these …. I just want to bring them back to the forefront of your awareness!!! 🙂   


The New Moon falls in Pisces in the early hours of Thurs 7 March 2019 (the previous day in Europe and the Americas).  Neptune the modern ruler of Pisces is strongly configured with this New Moon, giving it a super-boost double whammy of Neptunian-Piscean energy.

In its positive manifestation, this New Moon signifies a renewed focus on spirituality and the desire to transcend our 3D reality. Pisces has a strong sense of divine homesickness, a longing to return to source and merge into oneness.  This New Moon is a great time to begin a new cycle of meditation and spiritual practices!

It’s also a wonderful time to begin a new cycle of creative pursuits, such as art, photography or music, essentially anything creative that takes you into that right-brain space of timelessness, a highly Neptunian experience!

When manifesting negatively however, Pisces (and its ruler Neptune) can bring illusion and deception, making us more gullible than usual, more prone to being deceived (and deceiving ourselves too!).  Be careful of falling under some kind of spell under the influence of this New Moon!!!  The Piscean urge to transcend reality can express negatively as escapism, any kind of escapism – which in its more extreme form can easily develop into addictive patterns of behaviour.

The New Moon in Pisces may also usher in a new cycle of compassion and the desire to help others. Just be careful that this doesn’t become an urge to rescue people, as you’ll disempower them in the process.  Pisces has a tendency towards self-sacrifice in the service of others, even to the point of martyrdom, so make sure you look after yourself first, otherwise you’ll be in no position to take care of others.  There’s a fine line between helping others and rescuing them, overstepping boundaries which essentially need to be respected and strengthened.  One of the best ways to empower people is to give them the space to make their own decisions, providing the invitation for them to step into that place of self-responsibility and empowerment.

Wherever you have 15 degrees of Pisces in your chart is the area of your life that will be affected by this New Moon – for example, if it falls in your 10th house, this signifies the beginning of a new cycle in your career or professional life.

If your birthday falls close to this date (within a day either side), this is the beginning of an important new cycle for you, especially with regard to your sense of identity and your purpose in life.

The New Moon is exact at 2.04am Queensland time (AEST).  Remember to set your New Moon intentions within 24 hours of the New Moon.



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