Full Moon in Sagittarius 2019

The Full Moon falls in Sagittarius on Mon 17 June. 
Sagittarius is eternally buoyant and optimistic, driven by the need to find meaning in life, if not THE meaning of life.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius invites us to find a balance between this enthusiastic search for truth and the need to approach an issue rationally, collecting information first rather than acting impulsively. Sagittarius is famous for leaping into situations, all fired up, ready to fight for a cause or go on a quest, without stopping to check the facts first – and then in its enthusiasm and thirst for adventure, it doesn’t know when (or sometimes even how) to stop and rein in the energy – it’s what gives Sagittarius its OTT reputation, ie being completely Over The Top! So use the energies of this Full Moon to find that balance in your life.

With Jupiter (the ruler of Sagittarius) in a challenging contact with Neptune, there’s potential for deception at this Full Moon (especially self-deception), although the helpful contact from Saturn may well keep a reality check in place.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius also brings issues of trust to the fore, so just be careful you’re not viewing the world through the rose-coloured glasses of Neptune!

The Full Moon is at 25 degrees Sagittarius and is exact at 6.31pm AEST (Queensland time).


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