Supermoon Full Moon in Virgo 2019

The Full Moon falls in Virgo on Wed 20 Feb, the second in a series of three Supermoons Supermoons occur when the Moon is closer to the Earth than usual (because of its elliptical orbit round the Earth) and the Full Moon appears larger and brighter in the sky than usual.  In fact, this Supermoon is the closest, therefore appearing largest and brightest, of this current Supermoon series.  Supermoons are associated with extreme weather events, king tides and seismic activity.  They also intensify the usual emotional charge of a Full Moon, when things tend to come to light or reach a climax.

Falling in Virgo, this Full Moon brings into focus our need for order and purity. Virgo is a very analytical sign, and as an Earth sign it’s analytical in a practical way, trying to improve situations (and even people!) in its search for perfection.  Virgo is great at the details, often losing sight of the overall picture, a quality associated with its opposite sign Pisces.  This Virgo Full Moon urges us to find a balance between the microcosmic attention to detail of Virgo with the macrocosmic holistic vision of Pisces.  Hold the vision, and stay grounded in the details too!

The Full Moon is exact in the wee hours of 20 Feb at 1.54am Queensland time (AEST), so the best night to celebrate the Full Moon will be the previous evening when the energy is still building.  If you live in Europe or the Americas (or even Western Australia), the Full Moon will fall the previous night, 19 Feb.  Check your birth chart to see which house is under the spotlight at zero degrees Virgo.



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