🌟 Friday 13th – a day sacred to the Goddess! 🌟

Today is Friday 13th – a day sacred to the Goddess!


 GoddessThe number 13 has always been associated with the Goddess – there are 13 lunar months in the year, as opposed to 12 solar months.
Friday is the day of Venus, the sensuous feminine aspect of the Goddess. You can see the connection in Romance languages like French (Friday = Vendredi), Italian (Venerdi) – in English Friday comes from the day of Freya (Frija), the Teutonic equivalent of Venus.
So Friday 13th is a day doubly sacred to the Goddess ❤️  My father always said it was a lucky day for him.
It became “unlucky” for many reasons – when the patriarchy suppressed the old Goddess religion, 13 had to be rebranded as unlucky. That to me is the most obvious and ancient answer! Then there’s the Last Supper – with Judas seen as the 13th person there (12 disciplines plus Jesus = 13, so Judas was known as the 13th). Then too in the persecution of the Knights Templar, their Grand Master Jacques de Molay and 60 knights were arrested on Friday 13 October 1307, a day which became infamous. They were later executed, most of them burned at the stake.
So remember Friday 13th is a day doubly sacred to the Goddess ❤️

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