🌟 Solar Eclipse New Moon in Taurus 2022 🌟

2TaurusSolar Eclipse New Moon in Taurus
Sun 1 May at 6.28am Queensland time (AEST) at 10 Taurus (the previous day in Europe and the Americas)

Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Scorpio      
Mon 16 May 2022 at 2.14pm Queensland time (AEST) at 25 Scorpio


The stunning pre-dawn line-up continues this month – Saturn, Mars the red planet, then Jupiter and Venus close together (Neptune’s there too but invisible), all in the eastern sky before sunrise. If you catch the end of the Moon cycle, you’ll see the dying Crescent Moon there too.
Mercury is now an evening star, low in the western sky after sunset.


May Lunar Phases & Moon Planting Guide ☘️🍃🎋


It’s no exaggeration to say that everything’s intensifying right now with Pluto stationing retro so close to the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Taurus (see my blogpost for details of Pluto turning retro.)  On top of that, we have Mercury going retro this lunar month (yes it’ll be retro for the Australian general election!) and eclipses activating the charts of the British royal family.  Lots of changes afoot.  Stay present and be especially mindful throughout this month!


The eclipses are here again. The New Moon on Sun 1 May (AEST, the previous day in Europe and the Americas) is a partial solar eclipse, visible from Antarctica and southern South America.

The eclipsed New Moon falls in Taurus, signalling an intensified opportunity to begin a new cycle in our relationship with the physical world.  The New Moon in Taurus invites us to connect deeply with the land, to appreciate the abundance of Nature, to acknowledge the sacred beauty of the Earth and to embody this by stepping into our protective role as her guardians. This is more urgent now than ever, and with Uranus also in Taurus, more and more people are waking up to the reality of the climate emergency.

Taurus is associated with security in its many forms – emotional, material and financial – and this need for security (or more accurately, the fear of lack of security) can give rise to the sign’s tendency towards possessiveness and material accumulation.  Use this lunar month to explore your own security needs and your relationship with abundance.  We may even see significant changes in the financial world – inflation and interest rates have been much in the news recently.  It’s time for us to begin a new cycle in our finances!

At a personal level, this New Moon is an excellent time for enjoying luxury and pampering our physical bodies, indulging in sensuous pleasure.  Taurus does love luxury!

The eclipsed New Moon falls at 10 degrees Taurus.  If you have points in your birth chart close to this degree (within one degree) you can expect to begin a significant new cycle in that part of your life (eg relationships for Venus), intensified by the eclipse.

If your birthday is close to this date, this eclipsed New Moon marks the beginning of a very significant new cycle in your life in relation to your identity, your sense of self and your purpose in the world.

The eclipsed New Moon is exact at 6.28am Queensland time AEST.  We won’t be able to see it in Queensland – you’ll have to be in South America or Antarctica to see the partial eclipse.   

Really pay attention to the intentions you set at this eclipsed New Moon.  Know that they are stronger and more powerful that the intentions you normally set each month.  Remember to set your intentions in the 24 hrs immediately after the New Moon.

Eclipses demand respect so be extra careful in the couple of weeks leading up to each one – don’t take any unnecessary risks!


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