“Blue New Moon” in Cancer 2020 ✨ Second chance at forgiveness 🌟💫

“Blue New Moon” in Cancer 2020 ✨  Second chance at forgiveness 🌟💫

Cancer the crab

Second New Moon in Cancer  Tues 21 July 2020, exact at 3.32am Queensland time (AEST) at 28 degrees Cancer

Full Moon in Aquarius  Tues 4 Aug 2020, exact at 1.58am Queensland time (AEST) at 11 degrees Aquarius


Skywatching  Venus & Mercury can be seen in the eastern sky before sunrise as Morning Stars. Mars the red planet rises around midnight and is overhead by sunrise. Jupiter & Saturn rise in the east in the early evening, both very bright and can be seen higher in the sky as the night progresses. 


We’re finally at the end of the extended eclipse season, so take a breather and enjoy a brief respite from all the intensity before Mars goes into his retro shadow towards the end of this month!

I’m working exclusively online now and available as usual, so if you feel in need of guidance in these challenging times, know that I’m here and available for sessions.  Book online through my website or contact me directly.


How did you go with last month’s Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer?  That was a strong cosmic invitation for us to let go of the past,  release old hurts and bring forgiveness into our hearts.  Well guess what? Just in case you didn’t do that as well as you could have, we’re being given a second chance this month with the second New Moon in Cancer on Tues 21 July (Mon 20 July in Europe and the Americas).

This New Moon is at 28 degrees Cancer, and with the opposition to Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, a lot of emotions may have been stirred up this week which we might not feel comfortable expressing, or even allowing.  At the collective level, this may see a resurgence of demonstrations.  This New Moon is in exact opposition to Saturn, so we’re likely to see repression of these energies, or in the case of demonstrations, some tough crackdowns.

It’s very unusual to have two consecutive New Moons in the same zodiac sign, and it’s only possible because the first was at zero degrees of Cancer and this one is at 28 degrees.  If this were a Full Moon, it’d be called a Blue Moon – but as it’s a New Moon, we can only (unofficially!) call it a “Blue New Moon” ha ha!

We looked in detail last month at the meaning of New Moon in Cancer.  This second New Moon in Cancer brings us another opportunity for us to begin, or perhaps consolidate,  a new cycle in our relationship to the Feminine.  This also applies to the way we care for others, as well as the way we nurture ourselves.

Cancer is a water sign, sensitive and emotional, with a strong need for emotional security. This is the sign associated with home and family, so this second New Moon marks a repeated shift in our sense of belonging, maybe a new phase in our home and family life, or our sense of belonging to a ‘tribe’.

Cancer has a tenacious connection to the past – Cancerians have strong emotional attachments and don’t like to let go of anything!  The second New Moon in Cancer reminds us it’s time to break with the past, and emotionally release whatever no longer serves us.

bottlebrush, letting go of the past, New Moon in Cancer

As with last month’s eclipsed New Moon in Cancer, this is a great time for Forgiveness ceremonies, releasing you from the energetic attachments to your past.  Thyme essential oil and the Australian Bush Flower Essence Bottlebrush are particularly good remedies for supporting you to let go – contact me if you’d like to order some.

If your birthday falls close to the date of this New Moon, this marks a year of new beginnings in your life, particularly with regard to your identity, your sense of self and your purpose in life.

If you have planets close to 28 degrees Cancer (within one degree), this represents the beginning of a new cycle in whatever that planet symbolizes (eg relationships for Venus).

The New Moon is exact at 3.32am Queensland time (AEST).  Remember to set your New Moon intentions within the following 24 hours.

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