Brain meltdown anyone? Neptune turns direct 2021

NeptuneNeptune turns direct on Wed 1 Dec allowing us to move forwards again after a five-month period of self-reflection in which we have revisited and maybe revised our dreams and visions for the future.  We may also have revisited our spiritual longing, our urge to transcend our current reality.

Negatively, Neptune can symbolise veils of illusionso we may have become more aware of the ways in which we manage to deceive ourselves, only seeing what we want to see or believing what we want to believe – the classic rose-coloured glasses syndrome!  The cosmic opportunity now is for our vision to be clearer and more connected with Spirit.

Neptune stations at 20 degrees Pisces before it goes direct again, so if you have this point strong in your birth chart, or if you’re born around 11 March, you’ll be feeling a strong urge to transcend reality and dissolve into a state of spiritual oneness – meditation and creative pursuits are a great way to channel this energy positively.

If however you’re trying to maintain a left-brain existence, you may well feel this as brain meltdown, with difficulty focusing and concentrating.  The urge to escape (negative expression of Neptune) is likely to be strong: at the most extreme end of its spectrum, Neptune entices us into addictive patterns, whether that’s drugs, alcohol or even Netflix, and you’ll be more sensitive than usual to toxins because of the Neptune influence, so be careful what avenues you choose!

It’s a great time to take a holiday or go on a retreat so you can honour Neptune and indulge your creative and spiritual pursuits.



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