Collective Spiritual Alignment Shifts

3GeminiWe have a shift in our collective spiritual alignment this lunar month as the Nodal axis moves into Gemini-Sagittarius on Tues 5 May. 

The North Node denotes our spiritual path, what we need to develop and align with for us to move forwards on our spiritual journey, while the South Node indicates where we have talents, yet because this is such a comfort zone for us, this is also where we can be undermined by self-sabotage. 

The Nodes falling in Gemini-Sagittarius suggest that collectively, we need to develop our ability to examine hard facts, gathering information that is trustworthy and verifiable, and then apply strict logic for the next 18 months.  The sign of Gemini is famous for its curiosity, so along with examining the facts, I’d say we need to develop a healthy curiosity that enables us to think outside the square, a kind of lateral thinking that enables us to imagine other possible scenarios

What can undermine us in this period is being gullible and over-trusting, believing something simply through trust or instinct, rather than checking out the facts. If you look at this in the context of “fake news” (which has an epidemic all of its own these days), you’ll see that more than ever now, we need to learn discernment and apply the rules of logic, rather than operating on blind trust. Some creative lateral thinking would no doubt pay off too!

* * * 

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