Full Moon in Cancer 2020

Full Moon in Cancer 2020


Full Moon

Full Moon in Cancer  – Wed 30 Dec 2020 at 1.28pm Queensland time (AEST) 


The Full Moon in Cancer on Wed 30 Dec invites us to find a balance between the deep emotional connection of family and the outer, worldly achievement that is found in our work life.

This Full Moon also highlights our emotional attachment to the past, so don’t be surprised if strong feelings get stirred up again, giving us the opportunity to finally heal, let go and release the past.  This is a good time for us to reassess our unconscious, “autopilot” responses, and to change any behaviour that is no longer appropriate.

The Full Moon falls at 8 degrees Cancer – use your birth chart to find which part of your life is under the spotlight right now.

The Full Moon is exact at 1.28pm AEST, so the previous evening is the best night for Full Moon celebrations!!!



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