Full Moon in Gemini 2019

This Full Moon kicks off the eclipse season, so take extra care for the next six weeks, especially when driving etc!!!

Full Moon in Gemini  Thurs 12 Dec 2019, exact at 3.12pm Queensland time (AEST) at 19 degrees Gemini


The Full Moon in Gemini on Thurs 12 Dec invites us to find a balance between logic and intuitive knowing, so that any action we take integrates both polarities, aware of relevant information yet trusting our intuition.  Check your birth chart to see which house is under the Full Moon spotlight at 19 degrees Gemini as this is the area of life where matters may well come to fruition or be revealed.  This Full Moon is exact at 3.12pm Queensland time (AEST).

Things will start to intensify as the eclipse season begins at this month’s Full Moon, with the energies building in the lead-up to the first eclipse on Boxing Day, 26 Dec.  Take extra care during the six-week eclipse season, ie the two weeks leading up to the first eclipse, the two weeks between the eclipses, and the two weeks after the second eclipse.  Remember eclipses often bring unexpected change into our lives, so take extra care during this Christmas period!! 

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