Full Moon in Libra 2021 – the Lenten Moon

The Full Moon in Libra gives us an opportunity to bring our lives into balance, the cosmic invitation extended by the Equinox just nine days earlier.

This Full Moon in Libra highlights our need to relate to others, yet it also emphasizes the need to find a balance between the needs of the self and the needs of the other, between the need for independence and the need for compromise.  The Full Moon in Libra strongly reinforces the theme of the Equinox, the need to find balance in our lives.

The Full Moon falls at 8 degrees Libra, so check the houses of your chart to see which part of your life is under the spotlight.

The Full Moon is exact at 4.48am Queensland time (AEST) on Mon 29 March 2021 (the previous day in Europe and the Americas).  If you’re planning Full Moon ceremony, the best time will be the previous evening while the energies are still building.

This Full Moon is known as the Lenten Moon’ as it is the Full Moon before Easter.

Easter Sunday this year falls on 4 April.  ‘What’s this got to do with Astrology?’ I hear you ask …

Well, not many people realize but the date of Easter is determined astrologically, by the Moon and the Equinox.  Easter Sunday is set as the first Sunday after the first Full Moon (the ‘Lenten Moon’) following the Equinox.  This is why the date of Easter changes each year, sometimes falling at the end of March and sometimes much later in April.

Astrology is present in our everyday lives much more than most people realize!



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