Full Moon in Virgo 2021

The Full Moon in Virgo on Sat 27 Feb brings into focus our need for order and purity, with issues of health and hygiene really likely to come to the fore.

Issues concerning the pandemic will probably reach a peak at this time.  This could go either way, and that will depend on each country and the measures they’ve taken.  This Full Moon is likely to see either the lockdown and quarantine measures pay off big time, or (in other situations) the pandemic may spiral out of control.

Part of the energy of this Full Moon is that our need for connection (Venus in Pisces) is completely at odds with our need to keep the situation contained and sterile (Full Moon in Virgo).  It’s a tough balancing act and we need to find ways to integrate this polarity.

Virgo is a very analytical sign, and as an Earth sign it is analytical in a practical way, trying to improve situations (and even people!) in its search for perfection.

Virgo is great at the details, yet often loses sight of the overall picture, a quality associated with its opposite sign Pisces.

The Virgo Full Moon asks us to balance the microcosmic attention to detail of Virgo with the macrocosmic holistic vision of Pisces.

The ideal outcome here is to integrate a practical level of detail with the overarching vision of the way forward where the level of connection people are desiring is not only possible but also achievable.  Hold the vision, yet stay grounded in the practical details too!

The Full Moon is exact at 6.17pm AEST.  Check your birth chart to see which house is under the spotlight at 8 degrees Virgo.

* * *