June Solstice 2022

June Solstice 2022



The Solstice falls on Tues 21 June.  The word ‘solstice’ means ‘the Sun stands still’, as it reaches the furthest point on its journey along the horizon.  If you’ve never tracked where the Sun rises each morning on the horizon, and noticed how that point changes with the seasons, getting progressively further north or south, then I really invite you to do so!

This stillpoint is the origin of the ancient standing stones, tracking alignments over the course of a year (and much more besides, like predicting eclipses, but that’s another story!).

The June solstice is the furthest north that the Sun rises, which is mid-summer in the northern hemisphere, and mid-winter in the southern hemisphere.  And guess what? On that day, the Sun is directly overhead at the Tropic of Cancer – that’s how the Tropics got their name, because the June solstice is by definition the moment the Sun moves into the tropical zodiac sign of Cancer. 

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The June solstice is the longest day of summer (northern hemisphere), or the shortest day of winter (southern hemisphere), and after this, the days get shorter (northern hemisphere) or longer (southern hemisphere) as we move towards the September Equinox where day and night are equal once more.

The solstice is the real turning point of the year, and was always celebrated in ancient times, often with bonfires and dancing.  Plants especially respond to the change in the length of days, often only germinating either before or after the solstice.  If we were more in tune with Nature, ie without artificial light, we’d respond a lot more obviously too!

The solstice is exact at 7.14pm Queensland time (AEST).

Solstices have always been traditional mid-season times of celebration and feasting.

Have a wonderful Solstice, whether you’re celebrating midsummer or midwinter! ❤️

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