Jupiter goes retrograde 2020

Jupiter canstockphoto

Jupiter goes retro on Fri 15 May AEST (the previous day in Europe and the Americas) at 27 degrees Capricorn.  Jupiter influences social, moral and ethical issues, and Jupiter retrograde periods often bring changes in the law around matters associated with the sign Jupiter is in.  Here in Capricorn, Jupiter is asking us to re-examine the ethics and morality of Capricorn themes such as the establishment, the finance and banking industry, and multinational corporations.  We can expect to see changes to existing laws in these areas during this Jupiter retro period.

In broader terms, the Jupiter retro period is a time when reviews of injustice and other legal matters are likely to take place.

At a personal level, there can be a sense of restraint and apparent lack of progress – hope and optimism might be harder to come by.  Trust issues are likely to resurface, coming up for another opportunity for healing and transformation.  You may find yourself questioning your beliefs or dealing with issues of faith in the next four months.

Remember too that this Jupiter-Pluto period (throughout 2020) is about transformation of our belief structures, so if you feel your old belief systems starting to wobble or collapse, focus on what (in a positive sense) you want to bring through in the new reality we’re starting to create now.  These are times of huge upheaval and change, and we’re all affected.  Jupiter is retro until 13 Sept 2020 when it goes direct once more at 17 degrees Capricorn.

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