Jupiter goes retrograde right on the New Moon

Jupiter canstockphotoJupiter goes retrograde right on the New Moon, on Fri 29 July 2022 AEST (the previous day in Europe & the Americas) at 8 degrees Aries.

Jupiter influences social, moral and ethical issues, and when Jupiter is retrograde, we often see legal changes made around matters associated with the sign Jupiter is travelling through.  Remembering that Aries is ruled by Mars the god of war, Jupiter retrograde in Aries is asking us to re-examine the ethics and morality of themes such as war, armaments, violence of any kind (eg family violence, sexual assault), abortion, sexuality, and gender identity especially in competitive sports, to name just a few – all of which are highly topical at the moment.  Jupiter retro is also asking us to reassess the social impact of these issues and our response to them, hopefully resulting in change to any laws that now seem outdated.

In broader terms, the Jupiter retro period is a time when reviews of injustice and other legal matters often take place – one wonders if the Julian Assange extradition will finally be resolved now.

At a personal level, Jupiter retro can be a time when trust issues are likely to surface, coming up for another opportunity for healing and transformation.  You may feel that hope and optimism are harder to come by as you’re seemingly thrown back on your own resources.  Issues of trust can be about trust in yourself, trust in others, or ultimately of course, trust in the Universe.  Just how well do you feel that the Universe has your back? 

Jupiter is also associated with our belief structures (including religion), and you may find yourself questioning your beliefs or dealing with issues of faith over the next four months.  Use this period to re-visit and re-examine the source of your beliefs and see if it all still holds true for you.

Jupiter is retro until 24 November 2022 (the previous day in Europe and the Americas) when it goes direct once more at 28 degrees Pisces.


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