Jupiter turns direct – bringing renewed optimism

Jupiter has been retrograde for the past 4 months, since mid-May when most countries were in serious lockdown over Covid-19.  On Sun 13 Sept, Jupiter goes direct again at 17 degrees Capricorn.

This direct motion is likely to lift people’s spirits as the restrictions we’ve been living with in the retro period start to ease.  There’s likely to be a shift in the restraint and apparent lack of progress of recent months, and it’s possible that this will now be resolved in some way – we’re likely to feel renewed hope and optimism as things start to move forward once more.

Ongoing reviews of injustice and other legal matters are likely to be brought to resolution now.  I’m wondering if Assange’s extradition case will be in the news again and if it’s likely to resolved now …

At a personal level, if you have been questioning your beliefs or dealing with issues of faith or trust over the last four months, Jupiter’s direct motion is likely to bring resolution and more clarity.

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