Lunar Phases & Moon Planting Guide – May 2021

🌟 Lunar Phases & Moon Planting Guide – May 2021 ☘️🍃🌟


phases of the moon

We have a very intense month coming up with the ECLIPSE SEASON starting and a SUPERMOON BLOOD MOON visible in Australia later this month.  Stay present and be especially mindful throughout this month! 🌟


Times are given in Queensland time (AEST). 


Last Quarter:  Tues 4 May at 5.50am AEST at 13 Aquarius

A time of reorientation as the light of the Moon decreases, eventually going into the low-energy time of Old Moon just before the cycle begins again with the next New Moon.

Moon planting: The last week of the Moon cycle is the best time for weeding and composting.


New Moon: Wed 12 May 2021 at 4.59am AEST at 21 Taurus

A time of renewed energy as a new cycle starts.  The eclipse season starts now as we enter the two-week lead-in to the lunar eclipse.

Moon planting: The week following the New Moon is the best time for planting leafy greens.


First Quarter: Thurs 20 May at 5.12am AEST at 29 Leo

A time to take decisive action with unfolding events as the light of the Moon continues to grow.

Moon planting: The week following First Quarter Moon is ideal for planting fruiting vegetables.


BLOOD MOON Total Lunar Eclipse Full Moon (SuperMoon): Wed 26 May 2021 at 9.14pm AEST at 5 Sagittarius – visible in Australia (eclipse exact at 9.19pm – total eclipse visible for about 15 mins)

A very intense time with the eclipse and the SuperMoon, high emotions and events come to a head.

Moon planting: The week following Full Moon is the best time for planting root crops 


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