Lunar phases Sept 2020

phases of the moonLunar Phases – Sept 2020

Times are given in Queensland time (AEST). 

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Skywatching: Venus twinkles brightly in the eastern sky before sunrise as the Morning Star. Mars the red planet rises before midnight and is overhead by sunrise. Jupiter & Saturn can be seen in the east at sunset, both very bright and they move higher in the sky as the night progresses. 


Full Moon: Wed 2 Sept 2020 at 3.21pm AEST at 10 Pisces   

A high energy time when things often come to fruition or events come to a head.

Moon planting: The week following Full Moon is the best time for planting root crops.


Last Quarter: Thurs 10 Sept 2020 at 7.26pm AEST at 18 Gemini

A time of reorientation as the light of the Moon decreases, eventually going into the low-energy time of Old Moon just before the cycle begins again with the next New Moon.

Moon planting: The last week of the Moon cycle is the best time for weeding and composting.


New Moon: Thurs 17 Sept 2020 at 9.00pm AEST at 25 Virgo

A time of renewed energy as a new cycle starts.

Moon planting: The week following the New Moon is the best time for planting leafy greens.


First Quarter: Thurs 24 Sept 2020 at 11.55am at 1 Capricorn

A time to take decisive action with unfolding events as the light of the Moon continues to grow.

Moon planting: The week following First Quarter Moon is ideal for planting fruiting vegetables.

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