Mars turns retrograde

frustration aheadGet ready to exercise patience as Mars turns retrograde!   It’s been in its retro shadow since 25 July, getting gradually slower and slower, then stops and turns retro on Thurs 10 Sept (AEST) at 28 degrees Aries.

Watch where you direct your energy, and try to finish up any projects you’re working on before Mars turns retro.  Mars retro is characterized by a sense of getting nowhere fast, of projects stalling, of pushing sh*t uphill, leading to all kinds of feelings of frustration.

Aries is a very direct sign, and Mars here calls it like it is, no beating about the bush!  Any anger felt now is likely to be expressed directly – but if not, then it’s likely to fester in brooding resentment, or worse, make you depressed or physically ill.  So here’s an opportunity to learn some anger management strategies, like counting to ten, leaving the room till you’ve calmed down, then go for a walk or dig the garden (or go to the gym if Covid restrictions permit) – anything that gets you physically moving the energy!  Just remember it’s important to come back later and resolve the triggering situation, from a place of calm objectivity.

Man-yelling-at-computer-e1534770381809Be mindful especially of any feelings of impatience, frustration, competitiveness, resentment …. they’re all Mars under different guises.

The gift of retrograde Mars is learning patience … breathe!  Take time to review the situation or the project – what can you change, improve on, or do a different way …?  Just take a breath and take the urgency (and stress!) out of the picture.  The likely outcome is that your final result will be an improved version of the original.

Mars is retrograde until Sat 14 Nov when it turns direct at 15 degrees Aries. Because of its retrograde motion, Mars will actually remain in Aries till January of next year.

It’s interesting to note that Kamala Harris, Joe Biden’s pick for his Vice-Presidential candidate in the US, has her Moon at 27 Aries, right where Mars stations to go retro.  Keep an eye on the international news around 9/10 Sept!

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