MEGA VIRGO Supermoon New Moon!!!!

MEGA VIRGO Supermoon New Moon!!!!

& the Libra Equinox

Time to declutter, go on that cleanse

& bring balance into your life!!!


We’re about to have a MEGA VIRGO Supermoon New Moon this Friday, with ALL the personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) all in Virgo!!! 💫💫💫

Once Mercury goes into Virgo on Thurs 29 Aug at 5.48pm Qld time, we have all the personal planets apart from the Moon (ie Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars) all in Virgo.  The Moon joins them on Fri 30 Aug at 9.57am as she too moves into Virgo, in the very last hours of the old lunar month before she joins with the Sun at 8.37pm that same night to form this month’s New Moon in Virgo … a MEGA VIRGO New Moon with ALL the personal planets in Virgo!!!  And as if that weren’t enough, it’s also a SUPERMOON New Moon!!!  Which makes the energies stronger than usual.  Watch out for the tides at this New Moon!  And for unusually strong urges to spring clean, tidy the house, go on that cleanse …. you get the idea!!! 💫💫💫

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This MEGA VIRGO New Moon on Fri 30 Aug is the second of three New Moon SuperMoons in a row.  A SuperMoon is when the Moon comes closer in her orbit round the Earth (which occurs every month) but when this closeness coincides with either a New or Full Moon (in this case a New Moon), her effects are felt much more strongly.  Because this New Moon in Vigo is the closest of these three SuperMoons, the effects of this New Moon are enhanced and magnified. The tides are likely to be much higher than usual on this New Moon. 

The Mega Virgo New Moon is likely to bring changes to the way we approach our everyday life.  This is an excellent time to start a new health regime, and to bring a new sense of order into your life.  If you’re thinking of going on a cleanse, or de-cluttering your house, this New Moon provides perfect timing, and may even demand it of you!!  If you’re feeling an unusually strong urge to spring-clean and tidy up the place, you won’t be alone!  There are SO MANY planets in Virgo at the moment it’s not funny!!!!!  Virgo loves order more than anything, a place for everything and everything in its place. 

Virgo is an Earth sign, cautious and practical, taking its time to create order (which it loves), and often has a tendency towards perfectionism.  The challenge for Virgo is not getting lost in the detail (which it is so good at) and as a result, losing sight of the overall vision, the classic “can’t see the wood (ie forest) for the trees”.

If your birthday is close to this New Moon, this marks the beginning of a new cycle in your life in terms of your identity and your sense of purpose.  

Remember to set your New Moon intentions within 24 hours of the New Moon. The New Moon is exact at 8.37pm Queensland time (AEST) at 6 degrees Virgo.


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The Full Moon falls in Pisces on Sat 14 Sept 2019 at 21 degrees Pisces.  This is a dreamy, romantic time which can bring a yearning for oneness and spiritual fulfillment.  It can also be a wonderful time for creative projects to come to fruition. Just make sure you’re seeing things clearly and not as you’d wish to see them, through rose-coloured glasses!  Pisces is very good at self-deception, and not so good on boundaries.  Be careful of any Piscean tendencies to rescue other people – as opposed to empowering them.  As the Confucian saying goes, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach him to fish and you feed him for life”.  The Full Moon in Pisces urges us to find a balance between seeing the big picture and staying in touch with the details that ground the vision.  The Full Moon is exact at 2.33pm AEST, so the best night for Full Moon celebrations will be the previous evening while the energies are still building.

The lovers Venus and Mars have been celebrating their somewhat rare union in Virgo on Sat 24 Aug, and they continue together in this sign for the next few weeks.  For now, the lovers are in synch in a quiet and introspective way, tuned in to one another at a deep level and very much on the same page. After their reunion, Venus moves ahead of Mars and goes into Libra on Sat 14 Sept.  Libra is very much at home in Libra as it’s one of the signs she rules, characterized by a sense of refined beauty and aesthetic harmony.  She’s now feeling much more social than Mars, who stays in Virgo this whole lunar month, so there may be some friction between them after 14 Sept.

Saturn grinds to a halt on Wed 18 Sept following its recent retrograde period, ready to go direct again at 13 degrees Capricorn.  If your birthday is close to 4 Jan or this degree is significant in your chart, you will have been feeling the heavy energy of Saturn sitting on this point for the previous 3 weeks, with a further three weeks to look forward to (!).  The energy of Saturn asks us to re-evaluate the area of life it is currently contacting, to take full responsibility for ourselves and our actions, and to cut away any dead wood – which ultimately stimulates new growth.  It is also very good at demanding that we do a reality check.  The forward motion of Saturn enables us to test and put into practice over the next seven months whatever we have learned about social responsibility, self-discipline and material reality during its recent retrograde phase over the last four and a half months.

Meanwhile Pluto is pretty much stationary for the second half of Sept as it gears up to go direct at the beginning of October, so you may well be feeling the build-up of intensity, especially if you have chart points around 20 Capricorn.  More about this in next month’s newsletter!

The Equinox falls on Mon 23 Sept 2019 at 5.50pm AEST.  The theme of the Equinox is always about balance.  This is the time of year when day and night are of equal length (equi-nox means ‘equal night’ in Latin), the Sun rises due east, and the seasons come to a point of balance. This Equinox is marked by the Sun moving into the zodiac sign of Libra, the sign associated with harmony, balance and fairness.  In the Southern hemisphere this is the Spring Equinox, a time of rejoicing that winter is over and celebrating the birth of new life. With the Mega Virgo New Moon, this is an excellent time for a Spring Cleanse!  The seasons are reversed in the Northern hemisphere of course, where this is the Autumn Equinox, a time of harvest celebration, giving thanks for the abundant crops produced by the summer months.  Whether you are celebrating Spring or Autumn Equinox, this is a perfect time to reflect on your own life, explore what might be out of balance there and find a way to restore that, whether it’s in your relationships, your work or any other aspect of your life.  

Looking ahead to next lunar month …

The next New Moon falls in Libra on Sun 29 Sept 2019 at 4.26am AEST (28 Sept in Europe and the Americas) at 5 Libra.


With love




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