Mercury retro & Brexit

Mercury goes retro on 31 Oct (UK)/1 Nov (Australia), the day of the Brexit no-deal!!!!! Classic!!! 😂😂😂

mercury_retroSIGNWe’re already in the shadow of the upcoming Mercury retrograde period – you may have noticed things like losing your keys, leaving your phone at home by mistake, double-booking appointments – or forgetting them altogether. Yes it kicks in early, even though Mercury doesn’t actually go retro till 1 Nov (Australia)/31 Oct (Europe). And yes that date rings a bell because it’s the supposed Brexit no-deal date!

Mercury turning retrograde is really not a good date for Brexit! Remember George W Bush getting elected first time round? The election was on Tues 7 Nov 2000, the day of a Mercury station. The decision hung in the balance for weeks with recount after recount till it was finally resolved by the US Supreme Court and Bush was declared the winner, beating Al Gore who’d actually won a higher percentage of the popular vote. So it makes me wonder what might go down with Brexit – like so many things in political life these days, just when you think it can’t possibly get any worse, it does!

The Mercury retro period brings the potential for confusion, mistakes and delays. Double-check appointments and flight times, that you have your keys with you, and that messages get through OK. This is not a good time to make any major purchases or sign contracts, unless you’re prepared to revise your plans – or take purchases back to the shop – down the track. The upside of Mercury retro is that it’s a great time to catch up on all your paperwork and reorganize so you can be more streamlined.

Mercury is retro until Thurs 21 Nov 2019 (AEST).