Moon phases December 2019

Lunar Phases – Dec 2019

phases of the moon

Times are given in Queensland time (AEST). 

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The eclipse season begins at this month’s Full Moon, so take extra care for the following six weeks – the two weeks leading up to the first eclipse, two weeks between the two eclipses, and the two weeks after the second eclipse.


First Quarter: Wed 4 Dec 2019 at 4.58pm at 11 Pisces

A time to take decisive action with unfolding events as the light of the Moon continues to grow.

Moon planting: The week following First Quarter Moon is ideal for planting fruiting vegetables.


Full Moon: Thurs 12 Dec 2019 at 3.12pm at 19 Gemini

A high energy time when things often come to fruition or events come to a head.

Moon planting: The week following Full Moon is the best time for planting root crops.


Last Quarter: Thurs 19 Dec 2019 at 2.56pm at 26 Virgo

A time of reorientation as the light of the Moon decreases, eventually going into the low-energy time of Old Moon just before the cycle begins again with the next New Moon.

Moon planting: The last week of the Moon cycle is the best time for weeding and composting.


Solar Eclipse New Moon: Thurs 26 Dec 2019 at 3.17pm at 4 Capricorn

A time of renewed energy as a new cycle starts, intensified by the eclipse.

Moon planting: The week following the New Moon is the best time for planting leafy greens. 

The eclipses start on Boxing Day, but meanwhile take care from the Full Moon onwards as the energies start to build.  Remember eclipses demand respect, as they often bring unexpected change into our lives! Take extra care this Christmas period!!


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