Neptune turns retrograde 2022

Neptune turns retrograde



Neptune slows to a standstill ready to turn retrograde on 28 June at 25 degrees Pisces, softening boundaries and looking for solutions that are all-inclusive, reminding us that we all belong to one humanity.

For the next five months, we have the opportunity to revisit the dreams and visions of the past seven months, and to integrate the inspirational and visionary energy of Neptune more fully into our lives.

At the other end of the Neptunian spectrum, we also have the opportunity to review the ways in which illusion, self-deception and escapism (possibly even addictive patterns of behaviour) play out in our lives, and to turn this around so we can connect more fully with the spiritual longing of Neptune.

If your birthday is around 16 March, you’ll feel this dreamy Neptunian energy very strongly.  Use it wisely by channelling it into creativity, art, music, meditation, anything that activates your right-brain – otherwise, if you try to keep to left-brain activities like doing your accounts, you’ll experience it as brain meltdown!  The Universe is inviting you to get creative during this time.

Neptune is retrograde until 4 Dec 2022.


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