New Moon in Aries 2017

1AriesNew Moon in Aries

Tues 28 March 2017, exact at 12.57pm Queensland time (AEST) at 7 degrees Aries

Full Moon in Libra

Tues 11 April 2017, exact at 4.08pm Queensland time (AEST) at 21 degrees Libra

Skywatching   Venus reappears as the twinkling Morning Star from the end of March.  Jupiter and Saturn can also be seen in the pre-dawn sky, Saturn high overhead while Jupiter sets in the west as the Sun rises. In the evening sky, Mars the red planet is visible in the west soon after sunset.


Time for action! New Moon in Aries

Venus reappears as the Morning Star

Mercury goes retro

We’re heading into another Mercury retro period so make sure your computers are all backed up and your major purchases and contracts are completed well before then!  See my newsletter for more details …


The New Moon in Aries on Tues 28 March brings the opportunity for a bold new start.  Aries’ natural approach to life is to take action, breaking new ground in a pioneering or even crusading venture, or taking up a cause that’s worth fighting for.

As a Fire sign, Aries is full of enthusiasm and focused on the future.  Aries tends to act first and think later, hence its reputation for being impulsive, so take a moment to weigh your options before jumping in feet first!

If your birthday falls close to this date (within a day either side), this is the beginning of a significant new cycle in your life, particularly with regard to your sense of identity and purpose.

This New Moon falls at 7 degrees Aries.  If you have points in your birth chart close to this degree (within one degree) expect the part of your life associated with that planet (eg relationships for Venus) to begin a significant new cycle.

Whichever house this New Moon falls in, is where you can expect a bold new departure to occur (eg in your professional life if it falls in your 10th).

The New Moon is exact at 12.57pm AEST.  Remember to put out your New Moon resolutions in the following 24 hrs.


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