New Moon in Aries 2020 – New healing cycle starting


New Moon in Aries  Tues 24 March 2020, exact at 7.28pm Queensland time (AEST) at 4 degrees Aries

 Supermoon Full Moon in Libra  Wed 8 April 2020, exact at 12.34pm Queensland time (AEST) at 18 degrees Libra

Skywatching  Four planets are visible in the early morning sky at present: Mars the red planet is high in the eastern sky before sunrise, with Jupiter and Saturn either side of Mars, Jupiter the higher of the two.  Mercury is visible low on the eastern horizon shortly before sunrise.

At night, Venus can be seen as the Evening Star twinkling in the western sky after sunset.


What extraordinary times we’re living in!  The intense lockdowns (however necessary) are one manifestation of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction that occurred at the start of this year, now bringing in this new era of authoritarian control. This exercise of extreme power by governments world-wide is likely to continue throughout 2020 with the Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions we’ll be experiencing three times, starting this lunar month.  The Astrology of the pandemic is absolutely fascinating and I’ve shared some in-depth analyses on my Chirone Shakti-Stargazer Astrology Facebook page, so head over there if you want to find out more!


The New Moon on Tues 24 March falls in Aries, bringing the opportunity for a bold and exciting new start.  Aries’ natural approach to life is to take action, breaking new ground in a pioneering or even crusading venture, or taking up a cause that’s worth fighting for. 

As a Fire sign, Aries is full of enthusiasm and focused on the future.  Aries tends to act first and think later, hence its reputation for being impulsive, so take a moment to weigh your options before jumping in feet first!

In its positive manifestation, Aries is pioneering, boldly going where no–one has gone before, carving out a new, independent path and leading the way.  Aries tends to be fearless, the kind of leader who says “Follow me!” as they race ahead.  They’re also naturally competitive and like to be first. 

When manifesting negatively however, Aries can be impatient, impulsive and aggressive, often with a quick temper.  Mars, the ruler of Aries, was after all the god of War.  Aries can also be very direct, hence its reputation for foot-in-mouth bluntness.

This New Moon is closely configured with Chiron, the archetype of the Wounded Healer, suggesting that this New Moon represents the beginning of a new cycle in our healing journey.  This gives an interesting added dimension to the COVID-19 pandemic that is currently escalating so rapidly, and maybe this will mark the beginning of a new phase in some way, perhaps signalling a new pioneering treatment for the COVID-19 virus.  The placement in Aries could also indicate a new cycle in dealing with toxic masculinity, after all the #MeToo revelations and the recent sentencing of Harvey Weinstein. Keep an eye on the news to see how this may play out!

Crisis chineseThe New Moon with Chiron is also an opportunity for Mother Earth to heal – just witness satellite photos of clean air in China, and fish and even dolphins returning to the now-clear waters of Venice canals.  I’ve already written about a crisis representing both danger and opportunity – if you’ve missed that blog it’s here.

If your birthday falls close to this date (within a day either side), this is the beginning of a significant new cycle in your life, particularly with regard to your sense of identity and purpose in life. The influence of Chiron means that this could be a significant new cycle in your own healing, or perhaps you’re at the stage where you can now bring healing into your work in some way.

This New Moon falls at 4 degrees Aries.  If you have points in your birth chart close to this degree (within one degree) expect the part of your life associated with that planet (eg relationships for Venus) to begin a significant new cycle. 

Wherever you have 4 degrees of Aries in your chart is the area of your life that will be affected by this New Moon – for example, if it falls in your 10th house, this signifies the beginning of a new cycle in your career or professional life.

The New Moon is exact at 7.28pm  AEST.  Remember to set your New Moon intentions in the following 24 hrs. 


A note to all you stargazers out there – the day of this New Moon Tues 24 March is a fantastic opportunity to see Mercury and Venus (and a few days either side will be good too).  You’ll be able to see Mercury as a Morning Star in the east just before sunrise, quite low on the horizon, and Venus as an Evening Star in the west just after sunset, about 45 degrees from the horizon.  And then a few days after New Moon, you’ll see the Moon as a slim crescent close to Venus in the early evening sky, a truly beautiful sight – they’ll be closest on Sat 28 March.


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