New Moon in Leo 2019

New MoonNew Moon Supermoon, watch the tides!

Mercury direct on this Leo New Moon


New Moon in Leo   Thurs 1 Aug 2019, exact at 1.12pm Queensland time (AEST) at 8 degrees Leo

Full Moon in Aquarius   Thurs 15 Aug 2019, exact at 10.29pm Queensland time (AEST) at 22 degrees Aquarius

Skywatching   Jupiter can be seen overhead in the evening, followed a few hours later by Saturn. 


Most of us will feel a definite shift in the energy with this New Moon in Leo, finally moving out of the intensity of the eclipse season of the past six weeks.  Some people are still doing it tough though – if you have planets between 15-22 degrees of Capricorn, you’ll really be feeling the effects of transiting Pluto, South Node and Saturn …. (this also applies to these degrees of the other cardinal signs: Cancer, Libra and Aries). The Universe is really challenging you to clean up your act, transform certain aspects of your life, step into your power and accept full responsibility for your life – it’s an absolutely huge time for you!

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The New Moon in Leo brings a renewed sense of fun and enthusiasm for life. This is a perfect time to re-energize and revitalize.  Leo is ruled by the Sun and this sign has all the life-giving qualities of the Sun, inspiring others with its warmth, energy and passion.  Warm-hearted and generous, Leo is the royalty of the zodiac, confident and regal with a flair for the dramatic, so don’t be surprised to find a Leo centre-stage.  Fire signs need to have plenty of fun, and Leos love this to be in lavish grand style. This New Moon represents the opportunity to begin a new cycle in your enthusiasm for life and your creativity – whatever inspires you and ignites your passion.

Over the next 3 months we have three New Moon SuperMoons in a row.  A SuperMoon is when the Moon comes closer in her orbit round the Earth (which occurs every month) and this closeness coincides with either a New or Full Moon.  Because of the extra-closeness of the Moon at this time, her effects are felt much more strongly. Tides are likely to be much higher than usual at this time.

Because this New Moon in Leo is also a SuperMoon, the effects of this New Moon are enhanced and magnified.

If your birthday falls close to the date of this New Moon, this marks an important year of new beginnings in your life, particularly with regard to your identity, your sense of self and your purpose in life.

The New Moon falls at 8 degrees of Leo. If you have planets close to this point (within one degree) this marks the beginning of a new cycle in whatever that planet represents, for example relationships for Venus.

Remember to set your intentions for this lunar month within 24 hours of the New Moon.  The New Moon is exact at 1.12pm AEST.

After three weeks of its usual communication challenges, delays and frustrations, Mercury goes direct on the day of the New Moon after its recent retrograde period, stationing at 23 degrees Cancer.  We can all breathe a sigh of relief now as the frustrations of the last three weeks ease and communications become a lot smoother again. In the days leading up to Mercury going direct, continue to double-check appointments and flight times, that you have your keys with you, and that messages get through OK.  Remember that confusion and misunderstandings occur much more easily at this time. Try to delay any major purchases or contract-signing till at least a week after Mercury’s gone direct again.



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