New Moon in Scorpio 2019

Time for empowerment and transformation

with some surprises thrown in!

The Phoenix, symbol of transformation & rebirth

The Phoenix, symbol of transformation & rebirth

The New Moon falls in Scorpio on Mon 28 Oct signalling the beginning of a major new cycle in self-empowerment and relating to others in a deep and passionate way.  The sign of Scorpio is associated with rebirth – or more accurately with all stages in the three-fold journey of transformation: death, the passage through the underworld and then the rebirth, rising like the phoenix from the ashes of the old self.  Scorpio represents the capacity for intense transformation and is the ultimate survivor.

This New Moon is closely opposite Uranus so unexpected twists are likely with events unfolding now, bringing surprises and sudden changes in direction that can be challenging.  Uranus was discovered at the time of the French Revolution, and that’s the energy it brings to any situation, a rebellious even revolutionary energy that can be exciting or chaotic, perhaps both!  Think of all the Extinction Rebellion protests going on at the moment and you get the idea, not to mention the chaos happening in the UK with regards to Brexit!  At its most positive, Uranus brings a higher level of conscious awareness into our lives, waking people up with the insights it brings.  Uranus is still in the early degrees of Taurus, the sign associated with Mother Earth, and as I’ve written before, the increasing awareness of the ecological damage we’re inflicting on our planet is one of the strongest current manifestations of this placement.

Scorpio is a Water sign, sensitive and feeling things at a very deep level.  Scorpios are very loyal and dependable.  The sign is ruled by the planet Pluto which gives them their characteristic intensity, and they are finely attuned to power issues, with a kind of X-ray vision that tells them who’s to be trusted (and who’s not).  They will carry secrets to the grave, and so have a natural talent for confidentiality.  When manifesting negatively though, they can be ruthless and power-hungry.  You really don’t ever want to cross a Scorpio – like the scorpion, they are famous for that sting in their tail!

If your birthday is close to this New Moon (within a day either side), this marks the beginning of a significant new cycle in your life in terms of your identity and your sense of purpose.  With Uranus opposite this New Moon, the Universe has been challenging you to wake up and reinvent yourself since May of this year and this will last till March of 2020, so this is a significant time for you, the half-way point in this development.   

If you have a planet or significant chart point at 4 degrees of Scorpio, this marks the beginning of a new cycle for you in whatever that planet symbolises (eg relationships for Venus), including the ongoing challenge from Uranus.

Remember to create your New Moon intentions within 24 hours of the New Moon. The New Moon is exact at 1.38pm Queensland time (AEST).



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