New Moon in Taurus 2019

Taurus the bull

New Moon in Taurus  Sun 5 May 2019, exact at 8.45am Queensland time (AEST) at 14 degrees Taurus (Sat 4 May in Europe and the Americas)

Full Moon in Scorpio  Sun 19 May 2019, exact at 7.11am Queensland time (AEST) at 27 degrees Scorpio (Sat 18 May in Europe and the Americas)

Skywatching  Venus and Mercury can still be seen as Morning Stars in the east before sunrise at the beginning of this lunar month, Mercury only for a few days more before it disappears from view. Saturn is overhead in the pre-dawn sky, with Jupiter visible in the west.  In the evening, after sunset, the red planet Mars can be seen low in the western sky for a few hours before it too sets.  Jupiter then rises in the east in the early evening.


Cosmic invitation for guardians of Mother Earth

Secrets revealed at Scorpio Full Moon?

We’re certainly moving through some very heavy energies at the moment with Saturn and Pluto stationing so close to the South Node! (see last month’s newsletter for details.)  Anyone whose birthday’s around 11-14 Jan will be feeling these energies hugely! 

Astrologically we have a relatively quiet month coming up, thankfully.  Time for a breather …  before we move into the next eclipse season towards the end of June – the eclipses aren’t till July, but we’ll start to feel the effects a couple of weeks beforehand.  Enjoy the rest and use the opportunity to recharge your batteries – the New Moon in Taurus is an excellent time for some pampering!

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The New Moon in Taurus on Sun 5 May (4 May in Europe and the Americas) invites us to renew our relationship with Mother Earth and our physical world.  It invites us to begin a new cycle, to connect deeply with the land, to appreciate the abundance of Nature, to acknowledge the sacred beauty of the Earth and to embody this by stepping into our protective role as her guardians.

This protective role seems more urgent than ever with the environmental breakdown we’re experiencing, caused mainly by the climate crisis but also by our own lack of awareness over the years around pollution issues such as the use of plastics.  With Uranus now in Taurus, there’s a mass awakening happening about how we are destroying the Earth’s pristine environment on every front.  For more on what Uranus in Taurus is bringing, see my blog post below.

Uranus moves into Taurus – Shifts in mass consciousness


At a personal level, this New Moon (and this whole lunar month) is an excellent time for some pampering and indulgence!  As an Earth sign, Taurus is patient and grounded, with an appreciation of the finer things in life. Taurus is highly sensuous and has a love of luxury, so feel free to indulge your senses now!

Taurus is associated with security in its many forms – emotional, material and financial – and this need for security (or more accurately, the fear of lack of security) can give rise to the sign’s tendency towards possessiveness and material accumulation.  Use the energies of this lunar month to explore your own security needs and your own relationship with abundance.

If your birthday falls close to this New Moon, within a day either side, you are likely to be strongly affected as it marks a year of new beginnings in your life, particularly with regard to your sense of identity and your purpose in life.

The New Moon falls at 14 degrees Taurus.  If you have points in your birth chart close to this degree (within one degree), expect the part of your life associated with that energy (eg relationships for Venus) to begin a significant new cycle.

The New Moon is exact at 8.45am AEST.  Remember to set your New Moon intentions in the following 24 hrs.

The lovers are in harmony right now, starting the lunar month in outgoing style with Venus in action-oriented Aries and Mars in inquisitive Gemini, Fire and Air fuelling each other.  They keep pace for a few weeks then move into more receptive energy mid-month, when Venus moves into sensuous Taurus on 15 May, and Mars into emotional Cancer on 16 May.  Once more the lovers are in harmony, this time in Earth and Water, so in a quieter, more introspective way.

The Full Moon falls in Scorpio on Sun 19 May AEST (18 May in Europe and the Americas).  This is likely to be a very emotional time when deep and passionate feelings are revealed. This Scorpio Full Moon brings a strong possibility of secret or intensely private matters coming to light, possibly with a sexual content or maybe concerning financial matters (or even both!). There may also be some shocks or surprises on the relationship front with Venus making a tight contact to Uranus at this Full Moon.  The Full Moon is at 27 degrees Scorpio and is exact at 7.11am AEST, so the best time for Full Moon celebrations will be the previous evening Sat 18 May.


Looking ahead to next lunar month … 

The next New Moon falls on Mon 3 June 2019 at 8.01pm AEST at 12 degrees Gemini


Have a wonderful lunar month


With love



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