New Moon in Virgo 2020

New Moon in Virgo 2020: Great energies for Spring Cleanse


New Moon in Virgo  Thurs 17 Sept 2020, exact at 9.00pm Queensland time (AEST) at 25 degrees Virgo

Full Moon in Aries  Fri 2 Oct 2020, exact at 7.05am Queensland time (AEST) at 9 degrees Aries (the previous day in Europe and the Americas)

Skywatching  Venus twinkles brightly in the pre-dawn eastern sky as the Morning Star.  Mars the red planet rises in the late evening and is in the western sky by sunrise. Jupiter & Saturn can be seen almost overhead at sunset.


We have some very supportive energies around at the start of this lunar month, with the New Moon in Virgo supported by Saturn, and the balancing energies of the Equinox.  There’s a lot of Mars influence though, with Mars now retro in Aries and the Full Moon this month also in Aries, the sign that Mars rules.   Add to that Pluto is stationing, so it’s a bit of a powder keg!

I hope you’re going well through these challenging times.  Remember Mars will continue retro till mid-Nov, so this energy is with us for a while, demanding that we consciously exercise more patience.  If you need to recap the energies of Mars retro see last month’s newsletter or my blog.


The New Moon in Virgo on Thurs 17 Sept 2020 is likely to introduce changes to the way we approach our everyday life.  This is an excellent time to start a new health regime, go on a diet or go on a cleanseYou’ll be supported in this by the easy sense of discipline that’s available with this New Moon because of the close beneficial connection to Saturn.The energy flow with a Virgo New Moon is to do anything that brings a new sense of order into your life ….. If you’re thinking of de-cluttering your house, this New Moon provides perfect timing, and may even demand it of you!!   If you’re feeling an unusually strong urge to spring-clean and tidy up the place, you won’t be alone!  Virgo loves order more than anything, a place for everything and everything in its place.

Virgo is an Earth sign, cautious and practical, taking its time to create the order which it loves. It has a tendency towards perfectionism and is excellent at attention to detail.  The challenge for Virgo is not getting lost in the details and therefore losing sight of the overall vision, the classic state of “can’t see the wood (forest) for the trees”.  It’s great to be on top of the details, but remember to keep them in context.

This New Moon is exactly trine Saturn, grounding this New Moon even further and providing a sense of stability.  This is a great time to embrace responsibility and become more disciplined in some area of your life.

With Mercury in an exact square to Jupiter at this New Moon, you’re likely to feel challenged to speak your truth, particularly to speak truth to power.  I’m reminded of the former White House staff member who went on CNN recently with tales of what it was really like working for Donald Trump – he said he’d already received a number a of death threats as a result of speaking out.  But his point was, and he was speaking as a Republican, we all have a responsibility to speak truth to power.  Silence is consent.

If your birthday is close to this New Moon, this marks the beginning of a new cycle in your life in terms of your identity and your sense of purpose.

Remember to set your New Moon intentions within 24 hours of the New Moon. The New Moon is exact at 9.00pm Queensland time (AEST) at 25 degrees Virgo.


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