Pluto goes retrograde

pluto symbolPluto slows to a halt on Sun 26 April 2020 AEST, ready to begin his retrograde journey.  If anything in your life has been going through symbolic death throes in the last six months, this is a time when you are likely to revisit the whole process, perhaps at an even deeper level as you search for the hidden truths and the soul essence of who you are, the alchemist’s gold that can eventually emerge from the blackness.

Pluto is stationary at 24 degrees of Capricorn (actually 24 CP 59, so just one minute of arc short of 25 degrees Capricorn).  Anyone whose birthday falls around 15-16 Jan is likely to be experiencing a very intense time while personal transformation goes on at a deep core level – the eventual outcome is empowerment, the ability to stand comfortably in your own power, but it’s a long drawn-out process which won’t be complete until the end of 2021.  This will also be true for anyone with personal planets at this degree, or at 24-25 degrees of the other cardinal signs: Aries, Libra and Cancer.  

Pluto will retrograde back to 22 degrees Capricorn before turning direct again on 4 Oct 2020.

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