Potent Full Moon as Venus turns retro

The Full Moon in Gemini on Sun 19 Dec invites us to find a balance between logic and intuitive knowing, between the cold hard facts and our beliefs, ie what we believe to be true. This Full Moon invites us to integrate both polarities, yet also warns us against being too gullible.  Full Moons tend to bring situations to a head so don’t be surprised if things get heated at this time.

On a personal note, check your birth chart to see which house is under the Full Moon spotlight at 27 degrees Gemini as this is the area of life where matters may well come to fruition or be revealed.  The Full Moon is exact at 2.35pm Queensland time (AEST), so the best time for ceremony or celebrations will be the previous evening while the energy is still building.

This Full Moon is likely to be especially potent as Venus goes retrograde on the same day, Sun 19 Dec.  Venus is stationing at 26 Capricorn very close to Pluto, giving this particular Venus retro a compulsive or perhaps obsessive feel!

Venus signifies our urge to relate to others.  Don’t be surprised if old friends and lovers reappear in your life during the retrograde phase of Venus – you may hear from people you haven’t seen for ages.  Or you may be the one seeking to reconnect.  Venus retrograde often brings an opportunity to revisit past relationships, especially if there is any unfinished business there. Just be aware that with the Pluto connection, things could get very intense, messy or overly dramatic!  Stay in your power!!

Venus retrograde moves through 8-year cycles, so think back to what was happening for you eight years ago in Dec 2013-Jan 2014  when Venus last went retrograde in Capricorn, for insight into the themes that might arise for you this time round.  Venus is retrograde for six weeks until Sat 29 Jan 2022.  If you have Taurus or Libra prominent in your chart (especially as your rising sign), Venus retrograde cycles are likely to have a strong impact on you.

Venus will continue to be visible as the Evening Star for a couple of weeks after she turns retrograde, but will be seen gradually lower in the evening sky until she is no longer visible as she gets closer and closer to the Sun.  With this retrograde conjunction to the Sun, Venus disappears for seven days, after which time she emerges transformed as the Morning Star, and a whole new 584-day cycle begins (a cycle sacred to the Mayans).

In ancient times Venus was seen as a dual goddess – the Evening Star was her peaceful aspect, whereas the Morning Star was her warrior incarnation; the rebirth of the Morning Star was seen as an auspicious time to go into battle.  Venus will reappear as the Morning Star from mid-Jan.

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