Powder-Keg Full Moon in Aries 2021

This year’s Full Moon in Aries promises to pack quite a punch!

This Full Moon is aligned with a challenging T-square pattern between Mars, Pluto and Eris, so all these energies will be present in how this Aries Full Moon manifests.

Full Moons tend to bring things to light, and because Pluto is under considerable pressure, only just starting to move forwards once more, issues that have been bubbling away beneath the surface are likely to finally rise to the surface and burst onto the scene, upping the intensity considerably.

Typically, a Full Moon in Aries highlights our ability to be assertive and take action, yet it also calls for us to find a balance between our need for independence and the need for co-operation with others.  This dichotomy is likely to be taken to an extreme now – and with Mars, the planet of action and warfare, Pluto’s issues of power and destruction, and Eris fighting against exclusion, we have a very potent mix.  All in all it makes for a powder-keg situation, like a volcano about to erupt.

More positively, this Full Moon could bring abuses of power to light, the voices of those excluded could finally be heard, with the result that action is taken to remedy and redress those situations.

The Full Moon is at 27 degrees Aries, so wherever this point falls in your chart is the area of your life that will be under the spotlight now.

The Full Moon falls shortly after midnight on Thurs 21 Oct (exact at 00.56am) Queensland time (AEST), so the best time to celebrate will be the previous night when the energies are still building.  In Europe and the Americas, the Full Moon will fall on the previous day.


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