Advanced 5: History of Astrology


Advanced 5 as a 10-week course

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Advanced 5: History of Astrology

Course dates in 2020 to be advised
Available only through private tutorials in 2019 (see drop-down menu for Advanced 5)

The Advanced 5 module explores the History of Astrology from the earliest star charts in Mesopotamia to the Psychological Astrology of modern times.

We explore the scientific advancements of astrologer-astronomers such as Kepler, Newton and Brahe, and the development of different house systems.  We also study the different calendars in use historically, and the implications for Astrologers.  This was something that used to be a major headache for astrologers until computers and good astrological software came in!  There’s a fascinating history behind it all!

This module is also an introduction to Traditional Astrology and the many ways that Astrology has been used historically.


Module fee: $597 includes Advanced 5 manual with comprehensive notes and charts.

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Advanced 5

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