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Rose of Venus

Cycles of Venus – recording


Recording of online Astrology workshop exploring the cycles and mysteries of Venus

Product Description

Rose of VenusRecording of the Cycles of Venus presentation given as part of the workshop on Friday 1 May 2020

With Venus going retrograde on 13 May 2020, this is a great time for us to be looking at the extraordinary cycles of Venus.

In this online webinar, we’ll be exploring many different aspects of Venus:

  • Venus in mythology
  • The dual goddess
  • Cycles of Venus, including relevance to the Mayan calendar
  • The Rose of Venus
  • Venus retrograde
  • Venus as Morning and Evening Star
  • The Gates of Venus
  • The Venus Star
  • The meaning of Venus in your birth chart
  • Venus in your relationships 

The first half of the workshop will be recorded and sent to everyone who’s registered, so don’t worry if you can’t make the live event.  The second half of the workshop will be an exploration of participants’ birth charts and will NOT be recorded for reasons of confidentiality.


Fee: AU$59    You receive: access to the presentation recording and comprehensive notes.