Fast Track: Astrology – the Basics


Fast Track Astrology: Foundation 1 over two days


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Fast Track Astrology

Astrology – the Basics

Sat & Sun, 9.30am-4.30pm, Sunshine Coast – venue details on registration


Foundation Level 1 offered as a Fast Track weekend module.

Discover the insights of Astrology and learn 
more about yourself, your family and friends in this introductory module, the first level of the Foundation Course. 

Astrology – the Basics covers the essentials of chart interpretation: the planets, signs, elements, modality, polarity and houses.  You’ll receive a copy of your birth chart and apply everything you learn to your own chart, taking you on a journey of personal discovery 🙂

You’ll gain a solid grounding in the essentials of chart interpretation, learn about the astrological archetypes and understand how you can use astrology as a tool for conscious awareness and healing.

This module is an excellent foundation for further study, both for beginners and for those wishing to refresh their knowledge of the basics.

Workshop fee AU$549 includes module workbook with comprehensive notes 
and your own astrological birth chart