Fast Track: Progressions – the Unfolding of a Life


Fast Track Astrology: Intermediate 2 in a single weekend

Product Description

Fast Track Astrology

Progressions – the Unfolding of a Life

Intermediate Level 2 offered as a Fast Track weekend module.

Sat & Sun
9.30am – 4.30pm
Sunshine Coast


The second module in the Intermediate course, ‘Progressions – the Unfolding of a Life’ explores how Astrology can track the unfolding of a life through the predictive technique of secondary progressions.

Progressions are one of the most useful techniques in the predictive astrologer’s repertoire, and are a unique timing device.  Topics explored include:  the progressed Sun, the progressed Moon through the signs and houses, the progressed Lunar Return, the progressed Lunation Cycle, and progressed retrogrades.

This module is suitable for those who already have a good understanding of Natal Chart Interpretation (Foundation course) and Transits (Intermediate level 1).

Workshop fee AU$549 includes Intermediate 2 manual with comprehensive notes and charts