Astrology, the Basics: Foundation 1 by private tutorial


Foundation 1 by private online tutorials

Product Description

The Foundation Course takes you from absolute beginner in Foundation 1 to being able to interpret an astrological birth chart by the end of Foundation 4.    Foundation 1 is suitable for complete beginners and those wanting to refresh their knowledge.


Astrology, the Basics: Foundation level 1

by private online tutorials with Chirone

This option enables you to study privately with Chirone.

Discover the insights of Astrology and learn 
more about yourself, your family and friends in this introductory module.

Astrology – the Basics covers the essentials of chart interpretation: the planets, signs, elements, modality, polarity and houses.  You will receive a copy of your birth chart and apply everything you learn to your own chart, taking you on your own journey of personal discovery.

In this option, you have the benefit of studying by private tutorial over the internet.  This gives you highly personalised tuition, and allows you to ask any questions you may have, discuss any points of interest and apply the material to your own chart.

There are ten units in this module and each one-hour tutorial generally relates to a unit.  Because you’ll be studying privately with me, we’re able to go at your speed – if the material’s easy and you’d like to go faster through the material, then that’s easily done and you can move on to the next module.  This option allows for ten one-hour online tutorials, and can always be renewed afterwards.

Tutorials are usually scheduled weekly, and can be arranged to fit your personal schedule.

This module is an excellent foundation for further study, and is also great for those wishing to refresh their knowledge of the basics.

Course fee AU$1599 includes ten one-hour online tutorials, comprehensive module notes 
and your own astrological birth chart

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