Foundation 2: Aspects & Chart Factors


Foundation 2 as a LIVE interactive online module

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Foundation Astrology – Level 2

Aspects & Chart Factors

Tues 4 May – 6 July 2021  (10 wks)
This module is conducted as a LIVE interactive online programme. 


Deepen your understanding of birth chart interpretation.  This module focuses on how planets combine through aspect patterns and other significant chart factors.


Aspects & Chart Factors builds on the solid base provided by Foundation 1, and develops your ability to understand the complexity of natal chart factors.  In this module, you learn how to combine different planetary influences in the chart and how to transform challenging aspect patterns.

Celebrity charts are used as examples as well as participants’ own charts – deepening your personal journey of exploration and discovery.  You also get to draw up your own birth chart!  🙂

This course is suitable for those who already have an understanding of the basics and have completed Foundation level 1.


Module fee AU$597* includes manual with comprehensive notes 
and charts

*SAVE with the early bird: $549 if registered by Fri 2 April 2021 (shown here as “Sale” once registration opens)

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Foundation 2

Class: Foundation 2, Private: Foundation 2 by private online tutorial