Foundation 3: Mythology & Chart Analysis


Foundation 3  as a LIVE interactive online module

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Foundation Astrology – Level 3


Mythology & Chart Analysis

Tues 20 July – 21 Sept 2021  (10 wks)
online – details on registration

This is conducted as a LIVE interactive online module. 


Mythology & Chart Analysis takes a deep dive into the planetary archetypes and the many different ways these can manifest in a birth chart.  As we study the planets in more detail, particularly their mythological associations, you gradually build up a series of interpretations of planets in signs and houses, giving you a thorough preparation for full chart interpretation.

We’ll also be looking at celebrity charts in each unit to increase your experience of analysing a birth chart.

This module deepens your understanding of astrological symbolism in the birth chart, reviews and builds on material covered in Foundation modules 1 & 2, and provides a thorough preparation for Fluency in Chart Interpretation in Foundation 4.


 Module fee AU$597* includes Foundation 3 manual with comprehensive notes 
and charts


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Foundation 3

Class: Foundation 3, Private: Foundation 3 by private online tutorial