Foundation 4: Fluency in Interpretation


Foundation 4 as a LIVE interactive online module

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Foundation Astrology – Level 4

Fluency in Interpretation

Tues 4 Oct – 6 Dec 2022  (10 wks)
10am – 12 noon  AEST Qld time
live online classes


This is conducted as a LIVE interactive online module. 



Fluency in Interpretation is the fourth and last module in the Foundation Astrology programme.  This module focuses on developing fluency in natal chart interpretation and consolidates the year’s study.

You’ll be provided with a systematic approach to interpreting a birth chart.  There will also be extensive practice of chart interpretation to help you develop your fluency in chart interpretation.

This module is suitable for those who have a good grasp of all the elements of natal chart interpretation (Foundation levels 1, 2 & 3) and are now ready to integrate their analysis into meaningful chart interpretation.

Other topics covered in this module include Chart Shapings, House Cusps, Chiron and the Moon’s Nodes.

This module gives you a solid grasp of natal chart interpretation, and prepares an excellent foundation for next year’s study of dynamic trends (transits and progressions++) at Intermediate level.


Module fee: AU$549 early bird if registered by Fri 9 Sept 2022 (shown here as “Sale” once registration opens)

After 9 Sept, full module fee of AU$597* applies.  Payment plans are available, please contact me for more details.

Module fee includes Foundation 4 manual with comprehensive notes and your own astrological birth chart.


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Foundation 4

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