Intermediate 2: Progressions – the Unfolding of a Life


Intermediate 2 as a LIVE interactive online course

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Intermediate Astrology – Level 2

Progressions – the Unfolding of a Life


Wed 20 April – 22 June 2022  (10 wks)
10am – 12noon  AEST Qld time

live online classes


This module is conducted as a LIVE interactive online course. 


The second module in the Intermediate course, Progressions – the Unfolding of a Life’ explores how Astrology can track the unfolding of a life through the predictive technique of secondary progressions.

Progressions are one of the most useful techniques in the predictive astrologer’s repertoire, and are a unique timing device.

Topics explored include:

  • the progressed Sun
  • the progressed Moon through the signs and houses
  • the progressed Lunar Return
  • the progressed Lunation Cycle
  • progressed retrograde planets.

Everything we study in the Stargazer Astrology Study Programme is applied to your own chart – taking you on an amazing personal journey of discovery!

This module is suitable for those who already have a good understanding of Natal Chart Interpretation (Foundation course) and Transits (Intermediate level 1).


Module fee: AU$549 early bird if registered by Fri 25 March 2022 (shown here as “Sale” once registration opens)

After 25 March, full module fee of AU$597* applies.  Payment plans are available, please contact me for more details.

Module fee includes Intermediate 2 manual with comprehensive notes and charts.


If you’d like to study this module through private tuition, use the drop-down menu and select Intermediate 2 by private online tutorial.


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Intermediate 2

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