Intermediate 3: Dynamic Integration


Intermediate 3 as a LIVE interactive online module

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Intermediate Astrology – Level 3

Dynamic Integration

Wed 14 July – 15 Sept 2021  (10 wks)
online – details on registration

This module is conducted as a LIVE interactive online course. 


Intermediate 3 focuses on Dynamic Integration – using progressions and transits with a deeper understanding of the birth chart.

Topics include:

  • Weaving the Tapestry of the Chart
  • Transits of Chiron
  • Transits of the Moon’s Nodes
  • Integrating transits and progressions
  • Intercepted signs and planets
  • Unaspected planets
  • Voids, singletons and dominant functions
  • The Twelfth House
and lots of charts!!! – giving you plenty of fluency practice in both natal and dynamic chart interpretation.  
This module takes your understanding of chart interpretation much deeper, and you’ll get plenty of practice in dynamic interpretation, using progressions and transits as a matter of course.
Everything we study in the Stargazer Astrology Study Programme is applied to your own chart – taking you on an amazing personal journey of discovery!

Module fee AU$597* includes Intermediate 3 manual with comprehensive notes and charts.

SAVE $$ with the early bird: AU$549 if registered by Fri 11 June 2021 (shown here as “Sale”)

If you’d like to study this module through private tuition, use the drop-down menu and select Intermediate 3 by private online tutorial.


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Intermediate 3

Class: Intermediate 3, Private: Intermediate 3 by private online tutorial