Intermediate 4: The Astrology of Relationships


Intermediate 4: The Astrology of Relationships


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Intermediate Astrology – Level 4

The Astrology of Relationships

Mon 14 Oct – 2 Dec 2019
10am – 3pm (
5 double sessions)
Sunshine Coast

The most popular Astrology module I run (!!!) this is the fourth and last module 
in the Intermediate course.  ‘The Astrology of Relationships’ explores the fascinating and complex subject of relationships and how Astrology can throw light on so many different aspects of a relationship.

Topics covered include:

  • relationship indicators in the birth chart
  • synastry contacts – what each person brings out in the other
  • composite charts – the chart of the relationship itself
  • dynamic aspects – the effects of transits and progressions on the relationship.

Everything we study in the Stargazer Astrology Study Programme is applied to your own chart – taking you on an amazing personal journey of discovery!

This module is suitable for those who have a good grasp of natal chart interpretation (Foundation course) and dynamic chart interpretation (Intermediate levels 1, 2 & 3).


Module fee includes Intermediate 4 manual with comprehensive notes and charts.  Early bird AU$549 if registered by Fri 13 Sept.  After Fri 13 Sept, full module fee of $597 applies.


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Intermediate 4

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