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Mythology & Chart Analysis – Foundation 3 ONLINE


Product Description

Foundation Course in Astrology – Level 3

Mythology & Chart Analysis

This course is delivered online via my new Stargazer Astrology Academy.  Please note fees shown on the Stargazer Astrology Academy website (a separate platform) are shown in US dollars.  If you prefer to pay in Australian dollars, please do so here.

Online: Start anytime.  Learn at your own pace in your own time.

The course material includes video and audio recordings, with detailed course notes for each unit.  


Mythology & Chart Analysis takes a deep dive into the planetary archetypes and the many different ways these can manifest in a birth chart.  As we study the planets in more detail, particularly their mythological associations, you gradually build up a series of interpretations of planets in signs and houses, giving you a thorough preparation for full chart interpretation.

We’ll also be looking at celebrity charts to increase your experience of analysing a birth chart.

This module deepens your understanding of birth charts and provides a thorough preparation for Fluency in Interpretation in Foundation 4.

In addition to the video and audio recordings, you receive comprehensive notes.  Everything you learn will be applied to your own chart, taking you on a journey of personal discovery.

For connection and questions, we have monthly live Q & A sessions.

This course is suitable for those who already have a good understanding of the basics including aspects and have completed Foundation levels 1 & 2.

Module fee AU$396 includes comprehensive notes.