Progressions, the Unfolding of a Life – Intermediate 2 ONLINE


Intermediate 2  ONLINE

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Intermediate Astrology – Level 2  ONLINE

Progressions – the Unfolding of a Life

self-paced – online – anywhere, anytime


The second module in the Intermediate course, Progressions – the Unfolding of a Life’ explores how Astrology can track the unfolding of a life through the predictive technique of secondary progressions.

Progressions are one of the most useful techniques in the predictive astrologer’s repertoire, and are a unique timing device.

Topics explored include:

  • the progressed Sun
  • the progressed Moon through the signs and houses
  • the progressed Lunar Return
  • the progressed Lunation Cycle
  • progressed retrograde planets.

Everything we study in the Stargazer Astrology Academy is applied to your own chart – taking you on an amazing journey of personal discovery!

This module is suitable for those who already have a good understanding of Natal Chart Interpretation (Foundation course) and Transits (Intermediate level 1).


What you get:

  • video recordings for each unit
  • audio recordings for each unit
  • comprehensive notes for each unit
  • extensive practice with example charts and case studies
  • monthly Live Q & A sessions
  • ongoing support on the Stargazer Astrology Academy platform and by email
  • access to my exclusive Stargazer Astrology Student Forum group on Facebook


Module fee AU$396 includes video and audio recordings, comprehensive notes 
and charts

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