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The Plutonian Workshop – Recording


Recording of online workshop exploring the mysteries of Pluto and Scorpio – if you have these strong in your chart, you’ll love this!

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The Plutonian Workshop – Recording


Recording of the presentation from The Plutonian Workshop on Fri 30 Oct 2020 exploring the mysteries of Pluto and Scorpio.


What is a Plutonian?  

What does it mean for your life if you are one??

If you are intense, and like deep & meaningful conversations, then chances are you’re one.

Come along and discover more ….

If you have Pluto or Scorpio strong in your chart, you’ll love this workshop!  

If you don’t know, here are a few clues:

  • You can’t stand small-talk
  • You LOVE deep and meaningful conversations
  • You have a compulsive desire for privacy
  • Other people think you’re unnecessarily secretive
  • Others often find you a bit too “intense”
  • You have a kind of X-ray vision that tells you who’s to be trusted

If you answer “that’s me” to all of the above (or even most of them) you’ll love this workshop.  It’ll finally make sense of so many things in your life 🙂  You’ll have time in the workshop to explore your birth chart to discover how much of a Plutonian you are!

Everyone welcome – no previous knowledge of Astrology required  🙂   Come and enjoy spending time with other astro-enthusiasts and like-minded souls!  

The first half of the workshop – the presentation – was recorded and is now available here for a reduced fee.

The second half of the workshop was NOT recorded for reasons of confidentiality as it was an exploration of participants’ birth charts.


Presentation Recording fee: AU$49  gives you access to the recording.

*If you’re currently studying Astrology with me, there’s an additional discount, see our student forum for details.

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