Relationship & Sexuality Coaching

It is said that the greatest crucible for growth is intimate relationship, as nowhere else are we challenged so deeply, are our childhood wounds so profoundly triggered or are we as fully revealed to another person.

In relationship with a beloved, we embark on a journey deep into ourselves, gradually dropping through our layers of resistance, deepening our levels of trust, exposing our vulnerability, revealing more and more of ourselves, and if all these pathways are open to us, ultimately discovering the path to divine union as we melt and merge in the ecstatic bliss of lovemaking.

This is the essence of contemporary Tantra, the path of sacred sexuality.

For many of us though, the journey into deeper intimacy with a partner becomes interrupted –  we get so far and then something kicks in which halts the journey, at least for a while, or perhaps we get stuck at a particular stage, at a loss to know how to move through the closure.  There can be many different reasons for this interruption – some reasons we may be conscious of, yet without knowing how to move beyond them, while other reasons may be hidden deeper in the psyche.

RELATIONSHIP page iStock000019049624My role as a relationship and sexuality coach is to help you discover where this journey into deeper intimacy has become interrupted for you.  Together we explore how to move through these areas of closure so that you can move forward again, more fully open to love and with sexual energy flowing freely in your body.

I work with women, men and couples.  It doesn’t matter whether you are currently in relationship or not – the most important relationship in your life is with yourself, finding your true, authentic self, and loving and honouring yourself.

If your concerns focus more on the sexual side of the relationship,  an important part of the healing journey lies in reclaiming your erotic energy and realising that the key to sexual fulfillment lies within you.

Communication is also a major key to establishing harmony in any relationship, and this is an area we also explore, establishing more openness, honesty and authenticity in your communication, and becoming more real in every aspect of your relating.


How to Awaken Your Erotic Self

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