Saturn goes direct 2021

SaturnSaturn slows to a halt on Mon 11 Oct following its recent retrograde period, ready to go direct again at 6 degrees Aquarius.

If your birthday is close to 26 Jan (hello Australia!) or this degree is significant in your chart, you will have been feeling the heavy energy of Saturn sitting on this point for the previous couple of weeks, with a further two weeks to look forward to (!).

The energy of Saturn asks us to re-evaluate the area of life it is currently contacting, to take full responsibility for ourselves and our actions, and to cut away any dead wood – which ultimately stimulates new growth.

It is also very good at demanding that we do a reality check.

The forward motion of Saturn enables us to test and put into practice over the next seven months whatever we have learned about social responsibility, self-discipline and material reality during its recent retrograde phase.


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