Saturn goes retrograde

Saturn goes retrograde



Saturn slows to a halt ready to go retrograde on 5 June (4 June in Europe and the Americas) at 25 Aquarius.

Saturn retrograde encourages us to review the recent past and assess our ability to take full responsibility for our actions.  It also urges us to re-examine the way we have structured our lives.

This is a good time to look at the ways we limit ourselves, and bring our fears to the conscious light of day.  This is also a good time to review our ability to say ’No’ and ensure that we can maintain healthy boundaries in all areas of our lives.

The Saturn retrograde period lasts until 23 Oct 2022.

If your birthday falls around 14 Feb, this is likely to be a time of increased responsibility for you, for a month either side of 5 June, as you enter a new phase of maturity and step into a place of personal authority.  Your workload may increase at this time – if you accept the extra responsibility, this can be a time of success and achievement.

Saturn is a planet where we truly reap what we sow – if you’ve put in the hard work, this is very likely to be a time of achievement.  However, if you’ve cut corners along the way, this is likely to be a time when you come unstuck and this often leads to feelings of failure and depression.  If you’ve put in the work though, this is the time when it all finally pays off!

A question to reflect on during this Saturn retrograde period is: What steps are you taking to strengthen the foundations of your life?


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