Second lunar eclipse – Full Moon in Capricorn 2020

penumbral lunar eclipse

Things are more than a little intense at the moment.  We’re coming to the end of an extended eclipse season, which always amps up the intensity. Remember eclipses bring sudden change into our lives, often from left field, so the more conscious you can be at this time, the better! 


The Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Capricorn on Sun 5 July is a penumbral lunar eclipse where the Full Moon enters the half-shadow of the Earth and darkens a little.

This is the second lunar eclipse we have experienced in this extended eclipse season – usually there’s only one, and this extra eclipse is certainly adding to the emotional intensity of everything that’s happening right now.

Full Moons tend to bring situations to a head, to a climax of some kind, and when amped up by an eclipse, this can be a powerful time when feelings and emotions run high. The eclipsed Full Moon in Capricorn brings into sharp relief the difference between the hierarchical structures (or more negatively, control) imposed by the establishment (Capricorn) and the emotional-security-focused, heartfelt response of Cancer.  This eclipse falls across the Sun in the US chart (just after Independence Day), so keep an eye on the international news! 

At a more personal level, the eclipsed Full Moon in Capricorn brings into focus the difference between our public and private lives, inviting us to find a balance between these two opposing polarities of work and home. If there is something you have been working towards for a while, this Full Moon is likely to bring things to fruition with a strong sense of achievement.

The eclipsed Full Moon is exact at 2.44pm AEST at 13 degrees Capricorn – so the best night for Full Moon ceremony will be the previous evening while the energies are still building.


Stay conscious during this eclipse season!!!



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